Monday, 31 March 2008

Sony Ericsson W900i

The Sony Ericsson W900i giveaway has now ended. The winner is Scott McDonalds, UK.

Fine purveyour of Walkman phones, Sony Ericsson, is at it again. Having just hit shelves, the company's latest multimedia marvel goes under the W900i moniker and recently won rave reviews here at infoSync World. Of course, the ever-continuing landslide of gadgets arriving in our labs means we've got a W900i to spare - and what better way of ensuring it gets the treatment it deserves than giving you, dear reader, a chance at winning it?

Currently the top dog of the new breed of music phones, the W900i bests competitors such as the iTunes-enabled ROKR E1 and even its own predecessor, the W800i, in the race for delivering a compelling convergent device. No wonder, one might say, given its impressive specifications, which include a large and bright colour screen, 2 Megapixel camera and tri-band GSM alongside 3G connectivity.

As if that wasn't enough, the W900i sports not only 470 MB of onboard memory but also a Memory Stick Duo expansion slot for adding a further 2 GB of memory at most; a stereo FM radio; USB 1.1; and of course the excellent integration between the Walkman and phone aspects of the handset.

So, you ask, what ungodly acts do I have to perform in order to win this luscious piece of kit? Actually, entering your e-mail adress in the field below will suffice; the drawing takes place on December 24th, and the lucky bas... er, winner, will receive word of their glorious victory by way of e-mail.

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Anonymous said...

Another Great Product from Sony Ericsson, i like it's sound clarity...